what we do



Neurological disorders, Bone and Joint disorders, Musculoskeletal disorders

Skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, allergic dermatitis, etc

Asthma and other Respiratory conditions.


Disorders of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract.

Women’s` care and Menstrual disorders.


Ayurveda, which literally means ‘Science of life’, is the traditional healing science of India. It emphasizes on preventing and curing diseases by identifying and eliminating their root cause. This ensures permanent relief to even chronic ailments. Ayurvedic therapies and treatments involve various facets like medicines prepared from herbs, diet, yoga, meditation and lifestyle counselling. At Sankunni’s Ayurvedic Clinic we customize every treatment program for the specific needs of our patients. It is devised based on their body constitution and findings from the examination of their ‘nadi’. We do not follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our treatments. All medicines, oils, etc. required for therapies are prepared in-house at Sankunni’s.

The clinic also helps patients with controlling obesity, improving overall immunity, detoxification and rejuvenation.



Massage uses the power of human touch to heal, release and refresh. It is done using medicated oils which are infused with herbs. It helps improve circulation, eases pain and reduce fluid accumulation. It helps stimulate the lymphatic system to expel toxins from the body. It also stimulates the production of lymphocytes thus playing a vital role in maintaining immunity. It is effective in the treatment of various bone and joint disorders like arthritis, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, back pain, etc. Other benefits include reduction of fatigue, better sleep, prevention of ageing and bestowing longevity.

After a gentle oil massage, bundles made of medicated red rice along with roots of medicinal plants boiled in milk are heated and applied all over the body. This therapy strengthens the nerves and muscles and helps purify blood. It is very effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis, paralysis, joint pain, sciatica, general body weakness, etc.


This is a therapeutic massage that combines oil therapy and heat therapy. Warm medicated herbal oil is poured in a rhythmic motion combined with a mild massage. The warm oil is directly absorbed into the body through the skin. The massage enhances blood circulation and helps balance the mind and body. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves muscle development, strengthens weak muscles, enhances the skin, helps cure insomnia.


Fomentation done using bundles of medicated herbal powder that are analgesic, anti-degenerative and anti-inflammatory. It is used in treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylitis, sciatica, disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, etc.


It is a type of sudation therapy done using medicated leaves and herb bundles. It helps reduce inflammation and eases pain. It helps improve circulation and metabolic rate, strengthens the nervous and muscular system, reduces stiffness. It is effectively used to treat myalgia, arthritis, spondylosis, musculoskeletal pain, bursitis, chronic back pain.


It is a form of ayurvedic therapy in which liquids such as medicated oils, buttermilk, milk or herbal decoctions are poured in a slow steady stream on the forehead. It helps stimulate the pineal gland which secretes serotonin and melatonin which helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia; helps improve concentration, sleep, heightens the senses, decreases hair loss, fatigue.


Medicated oil or powder mixed with oil, ghee or herbal decoction is applied on the head mainly on and around the bregma and is retained for a particular period. This therapy is effective in treating disorders of eye, nose & throat, insomnia, migraine, etc. It helps calm the mind and cool the body.


Local application of medicinal herbal paste particularly effective in joint pain and inflammatory conditions. It reduces pain, swelling and redness.


It is the process of lubricating the nasal passage with special herbal oil or decoction after application and oil and fomentation. It helps enhance the function of eyes, ears, nose, strengthens the neck and shoulder. It is effective in treating sinusitis, migraine, facial paralysis, ear and eye disorders, nasal congestion and dental problems.


A medicated purgation therapy which helps remove toxins from the body that are accumulated in the liver and gall-bladder. It cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract. It is beneficial in treating digestive disorder, asthma, constipation, skin disorders, hyperacidity, paraplegia, hemiplegia, gynecological disorders, etc.


Steam opens pores, allows toxins to be flushed out, and thereby deeply cleansing the skin. It washes out deep dirt, impurities and prevents the appearance of acne and pimples. The moist heat also stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface, removes dead skin cells, and hydrates the pores. It also reduces muscle stiffness, pain, relieves cold, nasal congestion and removes toxins from the body.